About us

Computing sir is the company which is known for its top web designing services.  We are here for web solutions and better SEO to our clients. Computing sir came into existence in 25 October, 2012 with the motive to deliver the quality web designing services including the customer relationship management. We also assure to deliver services such as technical excellence and other value-added services.  Our team is full creativity and knowledge. Our line of working is to provide the best services to our loyal customers to maximize their business and profits.

We are providing the following services

  • Web Designing
  • Web Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Designing
  • Domain Hosting


With those services we give full satisfaction and support. We work with our clients like a family to make them feel confident.  We provide services both online as well as offline through different means. We deliver services with the assistance of 24*7 customer support. You can also see the testimonials on our official website. There you can see how people enjoyed the services of Computing sir. Feel free to contact us for further talk.


Our Team

Well, our team is full of the people having creativity and matchless knowledge. Our team is fully specified and well informed about the latest technology around the world. With the help of Professional mindset of our team, it makes us easy to give maximum satisfaction to our clients. Our team works in way to turn your ideas into successive business. By having the team of that type, we are standing ahead from other web designing service providers.

Our Success

Well, we see our success in the client’s success. You present us innovative ideas and we bring in the reality. We put all of our efforts in the work to make our clients joyful. Our success rely on our work i.e. we provide quality and professional services. We consider it our success after hearing from our client that he/she has got full satisfaction. We just put all of our efforts to make our clients feel confident of our services.

Our creativity

Our company got the best designers who nurture your website with creativity. We provide the web services which re easy functional and accessible. Our goal only is to provide you the services which you can use easily without any problem. Our creative web services help you to take your business to the next level. With our creativity your website will get proper promotion and proper optimization to make it more accessible to the visitors.

What we do

Well we are here to listen the needs and wants of our clients and do whatever it takes to fulfill it for them. We are here to provide you the services which will give you E-business a new shape and look. We know the fact that how to attract your customer to your business and make them buy your product or service. We discuss with our clients in way that it looks like their business is our business.