Web Development Services

Adoptive Web Designing Services:

Back then in 1998, it started with the web design of 800*600 resolutions. Later on in 2004, there was the modification in it and modified one was in the 1024*768 resolutions. Again after some new coding in 2009, output resolution was 1280*996. The adoptive web design has finalized its resolution on 1280px. Adoptive design started from Frames in MS FrontPage then got shifted to Dreamviewer. DIV tags and some table are used in this type of design. This type of web design is still used by the %50% of the worldwide companies.

Responsive Web Designing Services:

Responsive web design kicked the Adoptive design and its leading design layout which almost (75%) users switch to while creating their websites. Responsive web design is the way in which a web site can be accessed properly on different devices like computer, mobiles, tablets etc.it’s almost based on CSS and a little bit of html. Responsive design help the users to access every material (multimedia, proper Navigation etc) of website on every device. This type of design adjusts its content automatically.Every web designing company around the world delivers the responsive web design services to their clients as it gives a professional look to website.

Key Features of Responsive Web Design

  • Different types of layouts on different devices.
  • Google recommends responsive website for SEO traffic.
  • Fonts are automatically adjusted on different devices.z
  • SEO friendly on mobiles also. Plus point is that mobile SEO is considered as main standard of total SEO.
  • Same content on both computers and mobiles which means no extra effort.
  • Easy and smart navigation for visitors on mobiles.
What is Responsive Web Design?

The feature of adjusting the different resolutions of a website on different devices without trailing any information is called Responsive web design..

How it works?

All the three features flexible images, media queries and fluid grid concept together make a website responsive. These three things make the website flexible and easily function-able on different devices.

One for All

One for all simply means that that the particular website is responsive and is user friendly on every device like smartphone, tablet and laptop etc.

Mobile phone web designing service:

Well mobile websites are little different then desktop website. Mobile website are have few features, SEO friendly, less content and  less multimedia but are easy accessible for mobile users.  You should focus on mobile phone website more than desktop. It is because around 70% of the total internet users mostly use internet through mobile phones.Targeting mobile users through mobile website will definitely increase traffic and sales.

Key Features of Mobile Phone Web designing

  • Fonts are displayed in bigger style.
  • Smart website menu view on mobile
  • Instead of Flash, there is J queries on mobile website.
  • If you click on phone number on the website you will be automatically directed to the call option.
  • With help of GPS on smartphones, Local SEO gets better results with it.
  • Websites appear bigger ever if you own a small phone.